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My goal for Built Interest is to be your best project manager and business developer. In real estate, we work on large projects with long timelines. And the best projects are the ones where all the layers come together. I love to work with people who want to work across disciplines, are confident in their ability to learn, and are dedicated to the grander vision as well as the task at hand. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! Always down to chat.

– Laura Mueller-Soppart, Founder & CEO

Interior Design + Project Manager New York City

We are working on several full renovation developments throughout Manhattan. From 110 key hotels to highest rooftop lounge in the city to a public park in Chinatown, we need support on keeping the ideas for each engagement grounded in thoughtful concepts and original design approaches.

We are committed to designing 360 degree experiences. From concept to brand to design and operations, all aspects of the experience are considered from day one. Strategy is as valuable as design for us. The best ideas emerge from collaboration, so you must be willing to hear and appreciate the perspectives from the strategy, brand, and build teams.

One important note is that we do not just “value engineer”. If the design does not meet foundational parameters like budget or use, we take that opportunity to redesign a solution that maintains our vision and quality of execution. You must be down to express your opinion on how to reapproach a problem and work collaboratively with the project manager and strategy teams.

  • Project Manager
  • Interior Design
  • Construction Administration
  • Sketch Up or Rhino Proficient
  • AutoCAD Proficient
  • Material, FFE Specialist

This role is part-time or full-time. And requires proficiency in 3D modeling. In the design/build world, visualization is the most critical part of making it happen.